Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creative Finds: Artful Blogging

The first time I saw Artful Blogging, I thought, "What? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?" I ended up buying it because I loved the photos of the featured blogs. It was such a pretty journal. Now that I'm here in Hong Kong, it's the only journal I decided to spend the money and shelf space on. Why? First, it features articles from a selection of the best blogs out there. The eye-candy alone is worth the money. Second, it gives great ideas from experienced bloggers on things you can do to improve your own blog. Third, it gives me broad exposure to blogs I might never have found otherwise. It has become a staple in my art library.


  1. ...i just subscribed...THANK YOU...

    and cannot wait for its arrival...cannot wait to sip some tea & look @ all the photography...

    cannot wait...

  2. It's one of my fave journals. Love the inspiration between it's pages!