Sunday, June 7, 2009

Striking Sapphire

The glass beads are these unbelievably gorgeous Sapphire blue by Creation is Messy. Even though these were simple spacers, they are strikingly gorgeous. I've been planning to do a simple pairing with silver. I had done 12 inches of the spacers and wire-wrapped eye-loops. Then I got distracted with the new barrel weave from Urban Maille. I did 24 inches of the barrel weave and they landed next to sapphire beads... hmmmm... rather than finish either off as separate necklaces, I finished them off as a spectacular 36 inch opera-length necklace.

Complementary earrings.


  1. What a gorgeous colour blue - defiantely my kinda blue.

  2. Thanks, BeadyPool and Moon Katty! I did a "test-wear" of this necklace and it's really striking. It' a good "staple" piece.