Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Studio Time: Violet and Lime Swirls

What do you do with a severe night of insomnia? Take the pile o' pretties...

String 'em ready for new home in the hands of talented designers...

I will have to do multiple posts on the beads available, but here is the first set.

I translated some simplistic floral doodles I had into glass. And my first attempts knocked my socks off. I had a concept! I was so excited. I'm still refining the swirl process and still working on getting good precision with the placement of the petals, so this is a very organic bead. I have to say though...I really really like the organic style. The bead is approximately 23mm across. It is swirled with violet, lime green, a smidge of turquoise and framed with transparent purple.

This is a set of complementary rounds in a range from 7mm -13mm. Sold separately.

Both are available in my Artfire store.


  1. The floral disk is stunning, great colours too xxxx

  2. I'm loving what you're doing with the flower beads! Very pretty!!!

  3. Thanks, Mel & Tara - I'm excited about the floral disks, too...I have lots of experimentation to do and can't wait to develop even more. Between the swirls and florals, I think I'm found me. I would love to see what both of you could do with these beads. (I'm going to have a hard time keeping my hands off the beads in my own shop...they are so'll see...)

  4. The flowers beads are great and it's so great to hear you having fun and finding your creative voice in your beadwork, wonderful:D Say hello to the little furry soul for me and thanks so very very much for the well wishes for our new Jaks. I'll pop in again soon. Be Well, Mandy.