Saturday, June 13, 2009

Creative Finds: Noisy Plume Blogfest

Nancy McKay initiated a Noisy Plume blogfest to support Jillian at her Missoula Made fair this weekend. So, I'm going to repeat one of the previous posts I did regarding why The Noisy Plume is one of my favorite blogs to read......

There are many many things that have melded together into my brain and help me form my creativity. Last September, I wanted to refine my blog. I've been wandering around various blogs, trying get some creative juices going to help me figure "who I want to grow up to be" as Kanna Glass Studios.

For inspiration about how to write a blog, one of my "must-reads" is by Jillian at The Noisy Plume. She writes prose and poetry to the tune of her daily life as she swings her hammer and forms delectable silver jewelry. Go check out her work! Gorgeous! It's a must read and her sought-after jewelry is a must-purchase...if you can get your hands on any of has a tendency to fly off the shelves.

When I try to think of where I want to go as me (Kanna Glass Studios) and I start getting off track, her blog is one of the touchstones I come back to for helping me stay focused on the goal of inspire-inform-entertain. Things I've learned from reading her blog: 1) she writes in her own, unique creative voice, 2) she lives her life creatively, 3) she takes photos of her life and draws that into inspiration for her jewelry 4) she maintains a positive, creative focus. If you have time to read her blog from the start, you'll find this consistency throughout.


  1. Jenn...THIS is such a lovely tribute...thank you for sharing your LOvE & appreciation!!!

  2. I agree whole heartedly!

    Very observant of her nature...
    And also I found you through the Celebration... fortuitous from the Plume and McKay...

    A universal wavelength indeed:)

  3. Nice post Jenn, and a lovely tribute. I would expect no less from friends and admirers of Nancy McKay and lovely Miss Plume.

  4. Dear Jenn,
    What a lovely post and so very true. You have good friends between Nancy and Plumelle!

  5. Thank you, Nancy, Michaela, and MrsLittleJeans! You all have fabulous blogs and we have a common Plume addiction. :-)

  6. yes, mrs plume's blog is indeed a force to be reckoned with !:) I am sure she will deeply appreciate these lovely tributes!

  7. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART for being so kind.
    All of you:)